30 September 2012

Parc De La Villete 4 : 10 Theme Gardens

Parc De La Villete ကို ေရးဖို႔ စဥ္းစားတုန္းက သူ႕မွာပါ၀င္တဲ့ Theme Gardens ေတြကိုေရးဖို႔ မေတြးခဲ့ပါဖူး။ သူ႔ရဲ႕ Theme Garden တစ္ခုခ်င္းဆီမွာ မတူညီတဲ့ meaning ေတြနဲ႕ approach ေတြ၊ ဖန္တီးမႈေတြ ရွိေနလို႔လည္း ပါပါတယ္။ က်ယ္ျပန္႔ၿပီး ကိုယ္တိုင္ ေသခ်ာ မေလ့လာခဲ့တာေၾကာင့္လည္း အမွားပါမွာလည္း စိုးရိမ္ရပါတယ္။ သို႔ေပမယ့္ ခ်န္လွပ္ထားလုိ႔လည္း မျဖစ္ပါဖူး။ ထုိ႔အတြက္ေၾကာင့္လည္း ေနာက္ဆံုး post မတင္ခင္မွာ Parc De La Villette ရဲ႕ Theme Garden ဆယ္ခုကို မိတ္ဆက္ေပးလိုက္ပါတယ္။

The park houses 10 theme gardens


1. GARDEN OF MIRRORS or "Le jardin des miroirs"
* Sculpture Garden / Theme Garden.
* Designed by B. Tschumi.
* The garden of mirrors: 28 monoliths of more than 2 meters.
* Covered with a polished stainless steel plate forming some mirrors among scots pine and maple trees. 

2. GARDEN OF ACROBATICS  / GARDEN OF MOVEMENT or "Le jardin des voltiges"
* Thematic garden with equipment for movement and balancing.
* Space dedicated to games and gear (climbing ropes).
* Established in altitude, it has two domes which allow two people separated by several meters to converse (with a low voice).

3. GARDEN OF CHILDHOOD FEAR or "Le jardin des frayeurs enfantines"
* Designed by B. Tschumi.
* Revives memories through a mysterious forest of spruce blue and birch trees.
* Bathed in a strange music, evokes fairy tales.
* It did have something of a sinister, fearful feel about it.

4. GARDEN OF DRAGON or "Le jardin du dragon"
* Design by François Ghys and B. Tschumi.
* An 80 m long slide. * It's a giant installation of 80m whose tongue forms a giant slide.
* Although the dragon is for children, it is not uncommon to see adults using it .

5.  GARDEN OF DUNES or "Le Jardin des dunes et des vents"
* Offer a rolling landscape for children to expend lots of energy.
* Games that develop both balance and motor skills of children.
* pedal wind, sails moving walls, boat hulls and waves of air cushions.

6. GARDEN OF TRELLIES or "Le jardin de la treille"
* Designed by Gilles Vexlard, Latitudes North
* Includes 90 fountains which slide down eight terraces.
* There are also 7 bronze sculptures that overlooks the whole, created by Jean-Maw Albert.

7. GARDEN OF BAMBOO or "Le jardin des bambous"
* The second largest collection in France of species of bamboo.
* Sits 6 meters below the rest of the Parc de la Villette.
* Several overhead walkways offer different views into this forest of bamboo, as well as a trail that winds through the garden below.
* A vertical, cylindrical water fountain created by Bernhard Leitner gives the sound of falling water to the area.
* There is strange electro-acoustic music.

 8. GARDEN OF ISLANDS or "Le jardin des îles"
* Designed by B. Tschumi.
* It has a black and white marbled path which winds through oak trees, conifers and pines.
* At the heart of the garden, a thin layer of water flows over a large granite slab, reflecting light in the sky among the foliage.

9. GARDEN OF BALANCE or "*Le jardin des équilibres"
* Designed by B. Tschumi.
* Large kites metal are placed, like giant birds,  among the vegetation with two bridges overlooking the unusual landscape.
* The changing colors of the garden of equilibria, has large metal kites - like giant birds, among the vegetation.

10. GARDEN OF SHADOW or "Le jardin des ombres"
* Designed by Ursula Kurz
* Remarkable for its mineral soil with pieces of white marble. 
* It is a grid with alternating slabs mainly black, white or seemingly random.
* The garden promotes the appreciation of humor, friendliness or intimacy, reinforced by scholars games.

Credit to "Maung Thant Zin Oo" (for his presentation note).
Thanks to "Phyllis (Yang Pih Foon)".

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